The Elliotts guide to
buying trousers
Darren Clark
Head of Menswear

Neil Welker

For many men, buying a pair of trousers is often an afterthought. After underpants, they are the most boring thing to shop for. Even socks are more fun!

We also all know the importance of a well-tailored suit, a bold shirt or a pair of quality, handmade shoes but, all of this is for nothing if you neglect where your legs live.

Having a decent selection of ‘proper’ fitting trousers is a must for any dapper gent’s wardrobe. We’re all guilty of keeping pairs from years ago when waistlines were trimmer or styles totally different. Sometimes, it’s better to admit defeat and start again.

Chosen correctly, your trousers should flatter your body shape, be styled for any occasion and most importantly fit well. But, it can be trickier than you might think, so we’ve put together a few ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts to ensure your strides cut the mustard.

The rule of thumb

Fit and comfort are everything otherwise you simply won’t wear them. If you can slide your thumb ‘fairly comfortably’ behind the waistband, then you’re on the right tracks. Too loose and your belt will gather material. Too tight, and it just makes life unnecessarily uncomfortable.

Chinos versus jeans?

As a general rule, jeans should sit on the hips, while chinos, tailored trousers or suit bottoms should land just above the hip, which will allow you to tuck in your shirt without worrying about it popping out mid-meeting.

Don’t forget the cut

Our legs evolve into different shapes or sizes and you’ll need trousers that work with, not against your shape. You’ll need room to manoeuvre, but go too generous and it will ruin the shirt and jacket your wearing. A little tip, during the fitting process plonk yourself down on a chair and see how the fit changes.

Tailoring tip

Well-constructed pair should have a flat seam allowing the trousers to sit properly. Simple.

Avoid the itch

If you’re buying wool trousers try and opt for half-lined to avoid uncomfortable itching around the thighs. Some of you will still have nightmares about those terrible school trousers our mothers made us wear!

Belt up

Trousers with belt loops should be worn with a belt. Always. Braces are passable in the right circumstances, just not whilst wearing a flat cap and walking a whippet.

No swingers please

Like a good fast bowler, it’s about finding a good, consistent length. The fronts of your strides should just ‘break’ on the top of your shoe, meaning the backs sit snuggly ‘mid heel’.

Sock it to em’

Socks don’t need to be boring. If you’re wearing a shirt that packs a bit of colour, you’ll need trousers that gently compliment, making that piece the star of the show. But, socks can play a brilliant supporting role to perfectly finish off an outfit, or, inject a personality all on their own.

……With so many things to consider, we might have found the answer in Hiltl. A new menswear brand that only cares about making your legs happy. Hiltl offers the sophisticated man the perfect pair of trousers for every occasion, whether it’s a smarter ‘work day’ style or something a little snazzier that requires a decent gin and tonic to accompany.

So, whether you are a trend setter preferring a slimmer tapered leg teamed with a smart polo and loafers or a more casual look with a 5-pocket chino, Hiltl is stocked in a wide range of styles, cuts and of colours.

Why not pop in, and browse the new collection.

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